Energetic young comic actor on the rise, Andrew Bachelor, is slowly building a following with a series of comedy sketches on the web. His YouTube channels BachelorsPadTV and jl07d features several funny and professionally shot comedy scenes that are sure to give you a quick laugh. In his new web series he introduces sketches while portraying a suave Hugh Hefner-like character, surrounded by beautiful women.

From eating cheesecake at inappropriate times to getting a nice surprise from a shake weight to showing off his new chiseled abs, King Bach keeps the laughs coming. Being a young black male comedian, the occasional borderline homophobic jokes are predictably present (young black men seem to have an obsession with gay paranoia)…but in comedy everything is fair game, even gay jokes.

This is demonstrated to hilarious perfection in his newest sketch “Last Wish” featuring Robert Ri’chard (Number 8 on our list of the Top 15 Young Actors Who Grew Up In A Major Way).