Cypher Avenue brings you the latest edition of Kush Movie Trailers.  This week we have Repentance, Paranormal Activity: The Mark Ones, Reasonable Doubt, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes and Transcendence.


Wow a big budget Hollywood suspense thriller featuring an African American cast! Forest Whitaker and Anthony Mackie star in the film about a self-help author (Mackie) attempting to speedily help a fan (Whitaker) who is suffering after the loss of his mother.  As you can tell from the trailer, things don’t quite work out as planned.  I will be in line opening weekend to check this one out.

Paranormal Activity: The Mark Ones

I must admit I’ve lost track of the PA series but I do know that each one I saw had their share of creepy moments, so I’m sure this will fall in line with the previous films. With new creative twists in the tale, it seems like PA is a horror franchise that will be around for another 10 years.  I do like that they have used a more ethnically diverse cast for their latest feature.

Reasonable Doubt

Aw shit; Samuel L Jackson is back playing a bad ass serial killer who gets acquitted by a prosecutor who mistakenly hits one of his victims with his car.  It’s not as complicated as it sounds when you look at the trailer.  Yep, seems like we got another suspense thriller on our hands.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Regardless of the real or perceived racial undertones of the first film, we are back with the second film of the prequel trilogy to the Planet Of The Apes films. Humanity appears to be in peril and humankind needs to interact with the genetically evolved “Apes” and their leader Creaser for some reason. All Hail Creaser!


Okay I’m loving the suspense sci-fi-fulness (yes made up word) of this trailer starring Johnny Depp.  It reminds me of The Lawnmower Man meets The Borg meets Dr. Manhattan.  Easy premise; scientist has his brain and consciousness uploaded digitally because his body is dying.  Ok so nobody can see anything wrong with a human turned computer cybernetic mind possible controlling all the worlds’ computers? Nope, let’s upload and have some fun.