Lil Portland Gets a Hair Cut. Chaos Ensues

By OckyDub | Posted Feb 9 2017 | 2 Comments  


After watching this video, I had and still have so many questions but first, check out the video for yourself below.

  • Is this an example of how our community fails boys?
  • Is Portland autistic, have learning disabilities or mental illness?
  • Is male guidance the answer here?
  • As a community full of Black men who continuously point out single mothers and their mistakes, mishaps, and failed parenting of boys; at what point should anyone of these Black men have taken this boy to the private area in the back or behind the strip mall (where they appear to be located) and simply asked this young boy, “what’s wrong”, while giving him a hug before hand?

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  1. mogulmister
    mogulmister | February 10th, 2017

    Sooooo many questions indeed!!! Even if it is a mental illness, with proper training a child knows what is right and what is wrong. They need a spanking. That’ll shape that ass up right quick and in a hurry.

  2. TheDarkness
    TheDarkness | February 11th, 2017

    Wow! I don’t usually subscribe to “white folks” ways of disciplining our kids, but I’m with you, Ocky–he would have gotten a serious “time out.” Take the kid to the back–one man with the Mom to avoid any hint of impropriety–and just sit with him there until he calms the F*ck down–for as long as it takes.

    Then, once he calmed down (hopefully), as you suggested, ask him, “What’s wrong Portland?” If he’s had haircuts before and hasn’t acted out this way, there is something, obviously, going on with him and Mom needs to find out what’s up. This assumes he’s not autistic or a special needs kid. Depending on whether or not this prolonged sit-down has the desired effect, the next move might be to forget the haircut that day. Take his azz home and continue that “what’s wrong” conversation.

    And if he acts out like that at home and she has determined there to be nothing wrong other than he’s decided to act like a brat that day–then it’s time to “whup that little azz!”

    Meanwhile, again as Ocky suggests, she needs to get some professional help to assess what’s really going on with Portland. Where does all of that anger come from? That was no mere tantrum. That was the mother of all tantrums!

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