Many may know hilarious stand up comedian Donnell Rawlings better from his role as the talcum powdered dice player “Ashy Larry” on Chappelle’s Show. Recently, Rawlings got into a verbal dust up with homophobic rapper Lord Jamar when he commented on the MC’s antiquated and homophoic views stating, “Lord Jamar is boxing himself in” and “Jamar won’t be doing mainstream gigs from now on.”

Soon after, Lord Jamar (formerly of the hip hop group Brand Nubian) heard the comments and started a Twitter battle with the working stand-up comedian calling him a “SELL OUT”, further proving his irrelevance.

Lord Jamar had little response to Rawlings tweeting out full frontal nude scenes from the HBO series OZ that the rapper had filmed, adding “[If I’m a sell out] Who MADE you do that?”

In the back-and-forth, Rawlings mentioned his gay brother stating: “I have a Gay brother so when you shit on HIM you shit on me! #FamilyFirst #BloodFirst”

This reminded me of the awesome story Donnell Rawlings told WTF Podcast host Marc Maron about initially finding out his older brother was Gay: