In some ways I envy you Millennials. You grew up in an age where Gays are pretty much accepted and you have personal computers in your pockets in the form of Smartphones. All of you have nice slim bodies and wear skinny jeans…and if you aren’t slim, there’s a thing called “fat shaming” now that makes it taboo to even mention the BMI chart.

But in many ways, I pity you fools. As a Generation X’er, I grew up idolizing manly men who worked hard and didn’t care for “weak” things like emotions and caring for the feelings of others. Oh sure, they made me ashamed of my homosexuality and paranoid about anyone finding out that I was gay, but they were guys’ guys. Sounds bad when I think about it, but I turned out alright.

Now these youngins have people like Jaden Smith to look to for guidance. The latest message he sends to his flock:

Jaden’s father Will, one of my generational peers, told us that “parents just don’t understand.” His son, on the other hand, says that if he wears a dress, it will set a “new wave” and everyone will.

This is the future of the culture?

Aight cool.

Actors in dresses:

Rappers in dresses:

And Athletes in Dresses:

Maybe Jaden is on to something…