After the negative test results were made public concerning a patient at New York Hospital feared to have Ebola, the Mainstream Media is up in arms.

Local reporter Terry Fied of HLNO news station 46 stated, “It saddened me to learn that the patient we believed to have Ebola has tested negative for the virus. I was hoping to add the footage of me covering the positive test results to my reel. I felt my reel footage could have easily landed me a job at HLN or CNN as a correspondent”.

The patient in New York Hospital  was recently admitted after displaying symptoms that some feared were related to Ebola. Once infected, the Ebola virus causes fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Once the liver and kidneys are impacted, bleeding from the bodies orifices occurs.

Local reporters were not the only ones saddened by this positive news. A producer at one of the large cable news networks who spoke to Cypher Avenue on conditions of anonymity stated, “Dammit we were banking on this crisis! Cable news needs trifecta crisis stories. You always need three. We have Gaza and Russia but we needed something close to home so the American people could really feel the news. That way there’s more of a connection. The boarder crisis is fizzling and we don’t care about Ebola in Africa, they already got AIDS. Dammit we needed a new West Nile Virus here in the states! Something sexy like Ebola…it just rolls off the tongue”.

When we inquired with him about perhaps the cable news networks recapping the successful recent U.S. – Africa Leaders Summit that just wrapped up in our nation’s capital of DC, where the U.S. hosted a coalition of nearly 50 African heads of state to discuss economic growth and reshaping Africa’s image; the producer replied, “Right now the networks are forming a coalition to get this selfish bastard in New York retested. What does this U.S. Africa Summit have to do with ratings?

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