In the mist of all the pro feminist commercials that aired during the 2015 Super Bowl game, a commercial that aired early on took me by surprise. Not because of its “I’m woman, hear me roar” message but because of it’s “who is the better guy, the masculine one with the truck or the sub-masculine guy with the sedan?” It wasn’t just the response but how the response was delivered. Usually people are going to think a vehicle that is red in color is more appealing, so the participants picking the red truck over the dull gray car is no surprise…but the comments from the women though.

What did she just say, as the other women cackle in the background to her comment?

“This guy is definitely the guy your mom wants you to marry and this is the guy you’re gonna run off to and leave him (car guy) to be with him (truck guy).”

Was there a hint of possible cheating or infidelity in that statement? Here we have women making sexist, pro-masculine observations and comments in a nationally televised commercial. To use feminist and gay buzzwords; how is this not problematic and heteronormative? Could you imagine what the backlash would have been if a commercial had a hypothetical what if that consisted of which woman is more attractive, the single mother with two kids in the dull gray mini van or the ‘kids-free’ single woman in the red truck?

Women rightfully want to be (need to be) treated with respect and dignity but what was the message here? The message was clear, the man with car is a sissy-pussy-girly-man and the guy with the truck is a masculine, sexy guy that you leave your boyfriend/husband to be with. I’m sure these women are the main ones complaining about not being able to find a good man.

I get it…most feminist heterosexual women and by extension most feminist gays want to fix or modify masculinity but yet crave it when it comes to their desires or wants in a potential sexual partner. We are constantly being told that negative imagines, narratives and micro-aggression in media has an impact…and it does. However the feedback from the women in the commercial kind of reminds me of those anti-government types who scream they want smaller government except when they want laws passed by the same government that will benefit them directly. I guess feminists are people too; they can be hypocritical douchebags just like the misogynistic hyper masculine asshole males they hate.


A proud truck owner who thinks men can be sexy regardless if they’re walking, riding a bike, or driving a dull gray car.