Hey, its the new year! Yayyy!

Anyway, fellow Cypher Avenue founder Ocky Williams and I…

Wait…Holup….Saying “Founder” makes me feel old. There I said it…While the term may technically be true (we are founders of the website) the word “Founder” reminds me too much of “Elder” and that reminds me that we’re usually the oldest people interacting on the Cypher Avenue Activity Stream and Comments Section. Sigh.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, 2014…

Octavius Williams and I were talking about the website Cypher Avenue, our success and our previous website Discreet City and we realized something…


Yup. In the effort to be more “positive” and only talk about the things we like (scifi, movies, sports, anime, etc) we’ve lost the “edge” that we had on Discreet City. That edge that propelled us to being the most visited black gay infotainment website in the fucking world!


So starting in 2014, we’re going back to the basics. We’re returning to what stood us out from the typical gay websites on the internet. Its back to keeping it real and telling the truth about everyday life as masculine gay men of color.

During the New Year’s holiday, a Cypher Avenue reader explained to me that while he enjoyed the new website, he missed the “realness” that was displayed on Discreet City. Then I thought about it…he was right…

Back then, we didn’t give a fuck about offending sensitive, undersexed, tight sphinctered gay feminists who will NEVER like us no matter how welcoming to fems and the such that we become. They resent our maleness and genuine non-feminine interests. Its in their DNA. They are the Jokers to our Batmen. They only exist because we do.

“I think you and I are destined to do this forever.” – Joker “The Dark Knight”

So the gloves are coming off. We’re back to being the unneutered Nick Delmacy and Octavius Williams. Balls intact and swinging hard. Prepare for the ruckus to be brought. Lehgo!