Yes, This Happened In The World: Game of Throne’s Red Wedding

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Jun 4 2013 | 5 Comments  


If you’re an adult male that doesn’t watch Game of Thrones, yes there may be something wrong with you. Especially if you prefer to watch this one over it. Swerve, breh. Game of Thrones is the best thing on television right now. Once Breaking Bad returns later this year, it will have to be decided which show will make our Best of 2013 list. Because right now, this show has it on lock. The show is one of the few series that both Ocky and I agree on.Not only did last night’s Red Wedding episode Break the Internet in half today, my phone has been chiming off the hook since last night with people talking about the final shocking 10 minutes. Literally everyone I know was talking about it or knew someone that was talking about it.
If you don’t watch the show, don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you…but it was a good one. The below image sums it all up without giving anything away. Those of you who are fans will appreciate this image just as much as I did.



The Rains of Castamere
The Lannister Family song that jumps off everything unholy in all of Westeros.



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  1. Ocky | July 24th, 2013

    I cannot tell you the last time a television show shocked me like this.

    How about the actor the played Ned Stark stated after he shot the scene, he wrapped up got on a plane and cried all the way back to London.

    This show is the shit. For me this is the best show since the Wire.

  2. Ben | July 24th, 2013

    Yo man, I was fucked up for those last ten minutes. When they closed the door and started playing The Rains of Castamere all ominous I started to get scared. I thought Frey had let that shit go but I should have known some fuckery was afoot. I just had no idea it was going to be so much fuckery. Next week should be very interesting.

  3. A.J. | July 24th, 2013

    WOW. I guess my reaction to the last ten minutes of the show was national phenomenon for all Game of Throne fans LMAO. That entire ending for me was COMPLETELY unexpected but the music & Cateryln’s expression was the warning…. after watching that scene, I think i’m over the idea of marriage if that what happens if you break a arranged marriage vow LOL. Overall this episode was the shit.

  4. GeePee | July 24th, 2013

    I knew it was coming because I knew it happened in the books but seeing it on screen really screwed me up for the rest of the night especially the silence when the credits rolled right after

  5. NubianOne | July 24th, 2013

    Ya’ll gotta read the book… or at least the Crib Notes… We all knew it was coming.. just a matter of time.

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