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Occasionally we find music videos that we feel the urge to share with fellow weirdos like ourselves. So now that we a platform to do just that, expect to see a (semi) daily dose of under-the-radar music to add to your iTunes library.

British indie rock band Alt-J always delivers dope sounds and amazingly creative music videos. This video for the infectious track “Tessellate” on their debut album, “An Awesome Wave” is def no exception.

The video is inspired by the 16th Century mural painting in the Vatican by Italian Renaissance artist Raphael. The original painting (embedded below) features prominent figures in philosophy music and theology such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. The music video flips that concept on its head by featuring urban characters in similar positions and poses.

The Video also features sexy British “cool ass white boy” model Igor Stepanov (pictured to the right) as the lead character singing the title of the track, Tessellate (which means to come together physically). Before you Illuminati conspiracy theorists comment on all of the triangles in the video, the band’s name “Alt-J” actually refers to the Delta symbol (∆) on the Apple keyboard…this is a letter in the Greek Alphabet primarily used in Mathematics. Damn, son…You just think you so smart, huh?

Triangles are my favorite shape,
Three points where two lines meet,
Toe to toe, back to back, let’s go, my love; it’s very late,
‘Til morning comes…let’s tessellate.”