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Picture If you were born before 1990 then chances are you’re familiar with the two-man hip hop group known as Dead Prez. Their militant revolutionary rap music promoted self-reliance, healthy living and raging against The System, amongst other things.

One half of the duo has branched off for a solo album like non other. In what he calls a “fit-hop” album, Stic.Man’s new project “The Workout” is the first genuine real-to-the-streets rap record devoted ENTIRELY to hitting the gym, working out and getting in shape. This in NO WAY like your mother’s lame so-called “hip hop fitness” DVD.

“I wrote this album, first and foremost, for myself as a motivator. Something that I wanted to take to the gym with me…take to the park when I’m running.” Stic.Man says.
Its a mind-blowing 14-track album that instantly got my $10 on iTunes once I heard a couple tracks. As you know, we here at Cypher Avenue are fitness junkies so that evening I went to gym and played The Workout from front to back. The brilliant thing about this album is that the music not only fits the tempo you need but the lyrics keep you motivated to push more sets and/or repetitions into your training session. Its like having a personal trainer in your ears over hip hop beats.

On the album, Stic also covers his experience as a vegetarian, as a martial arts student, yoga techniques, eliminating marijuana and alcohol from his diet, the teachings and philosophy of the late Bruce Lee and overall healthy living. No matter if you’re an experience gym rat or a newbie to the world of exercise, this album is a great motivator to maintaining a healthy, physically fit lifestyle. Check out a few tracks and music videos below:

Stic.Man: “Let It Burn”


Stic.Man: “Back On My Regimen”

One of my New Year’s resolutions was was to be consistent in hitting the gym on a regular basis. So far I’ve been making it an amazing 4-5 days per week given my hectic schedule. So when I heard the lyrics in this lead single track from Stic called “Back on my Regimen” I swore that he was reading my mind.
No more slacking on my training I’m all 100 with it
I see the goal in my mind, yes I’m gonna get it
strength comes from within, it’s not the outer image
blood pumping, my set is a gang of calisthenicsI’m back on my work out, back on my regimen
Back on my weight gain, back on my discipline
Back to the gym again, back on my vitamins
Back on my training, feeling stronger than I ever been!
Check out the music video for the song:

Stic.Man: The Workout EPK

Stic is currently a resident of Atlanta, GA and participated in last year’s 41st Annual Peachtree Road Race, his first marathon. In this mini-documentary (aka EPK) for the album Stic talks about the making and motivation for the project, which was produced while he was training for the Road Race.
Check out the EPK documentary here:
– Nick D
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  1. Ocky | July 7th, 2013

    Love it love it love it! I like how they showed the different body types in the gym. It ain’t always about being big but being fit. But for me I am trying to get swollen like Tookie wit it. 🙂

    • SwagJack
      SwagJack | March 1st, 2015

      Yeah Stic has been on his fitness kick for a hot min. Still a sexy dude. I still miss dead prez.

      I go to the gym every other day and don’t stay longer than an hour. I realized that’s my threshold for disinterest. So I maximize my hour. I just need to start switching up my workouts and do a muscle group a day. At present, I just do a generalized workout (cardio & machines). I gotta introduce some free weights into my regimen in order to see more progress. My body mass index is good, but I’m reachin for that extra tone. Not tryin to get Tookie swole; just a lil tighter. The good thing is genetically, I don’t really have to do as much to obtain it. I got my parents’ lean frames. I just need to implement free weights and muscle group focus.

  2. TheBlackoutBlog | July 7th, 2013

    Man, what a great blog! Gotta sit down and dive into it more, but loving the topics that you cover. Kudos, man!

    • Coshamo | July 7th, 2013

      I feel ya. This blog is definitely holistic. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Just goes to show the diversity within the man. Being gay ain’t just about “being gay.” We are multidimensional in every aspect of the word. More than just some silly lil drag queen, or effeminate male sissy.

    • Paldrone | July 7th, 2013

      I’m with TheBlackOutBlog. Your site is dope man! I feel like i’ve connected with every blog post i’ve read so far. And of course i’ve downloaded the album already, LoL

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