“Can’t tell my family I’m bi/Can’t tell my mother I’m gay/The hardest part of my day/Is wishing I was fucking straight.”

You would think those lyrics would be from one of Frank Ocean’s two new albums. As transparent and revealing as FO is on Tumblr, you would think he would be just as revealing in his music. Not only are those lyrics not sung by our Black Gay Superhero, nothing as specific and direct about homosexuality as that appears on Blonde or Endless at all.

Those four lines of introspection are actually from “Papercut” featured on 20-year-old rapper Kevin Abstract’s sophomore album, “American Boyfriend.” An album full of welcomed abrasive transparency and emo realness for all LGBT boys and girls to identify with.


Admittedly, Abstract’s style of music will not be everyone’s cup of spilled tea (pun intended), but for me his transparency and frankness (pun intended again) on sexuality drew me in. If I had to be reductive and compare his music to others, I would say his sound is a gumbo pot of Childish Gambino, Kanye West, Frank Ocean and Odd Future.


And I’ll be
Right outside your front door on my 12 speed
I got your emotions tattooed on my sleeve
I think about you all the time
I’ve waited for you all my life
I need you right here by my side


He was everything I dreamed of
Used to ride around in his two seater
Being friends didn’t make it much easier,
Friday night lights stay away from the bleachers,
Showed me obscure bands he was into,
His mom in the dining room, we’re in his bedroom, his girl too,
Had to pretend like I didn’t mind that bitch
Just so I could see his face


My boyfriend saved me
My mother’s homophobic
I’m stuck in the closet
I’m so claustrophobic
I just want help if
My best friend’s racist
My mother’s homophobic
I’m stuck in the closet
I’m so claustrophobic
I just wanna know shit
Why we all love Young Thug?


Started smoking cigarettes
I even picked up pot again
Coke ain’t touch my nose yet
I’m afraid I’ll be just like my friend
I’m afraid I ain’t gon’ have no friends
Oh my god, when do my story end?
Tell me God, when do my story end?
I’m locked outside of the DeLorean