Science Fiction Movies and Bad-Ass Attractive Black Men are probably my favorite things to look at. So why not combine my two loves into one huge list, right? Sure, lets do it. Here’s a list of my personal favorite roles/films in which Black men played a minor or large role as an Ass or Alien kicking force to be reckoned with!


Not too many people know that the performances of the iconic aliens in the films ALIEN (1979) and PREDATOR (1987) were done by black men. Bolaji Badejo was a 25-year-old 6’7″ Nigerian design student when director Ridley Scott picked him up in a bar…not for a night of gay sex but actually for the man to play the the title villain in his film ALIEN. Predator actor Kevin Peter Hall put his 7’2″ frame to good use when he played the title villain in the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger film. One would argue that their performances are still being mimicked in scifi films to this day.




Coming in at number 15 is a personal favorite: Actor Ricco Ross as Pvt. Frost in ALIENS (1986). Frost was a minor character in the film, but as one of the few characters of color, he still stood out when I first saw this film as a young black pre-teen. With his M41A Pulse Rifle, he was a bad-ass in virtually every scene he was able to slip himself into. I would even go out on the limb and say that Ricco Ross’ lean 25-year-old frame was probably my childhood introduction to seeing chiseled Abs on film.






The Alien and Predator franchises definitely dominate in frequency on this list. In the first ALIEN film, legendary actor Yaphet Kotto played everyday blue collar working man, Parker. The character wasn’t a tough guy in the traditional heroic sense, yet he still displayed bravery by boldly saying from the beginning that they should get the FUCK off of that Alien infested ship…which is what they eventually ended up trying to do by the end, long after most of the crew was slaughtered.





I’ve always been a Star Trek fan ever since I first saw Star Trek: The Next Generation as a little kid. I was happy to see the series make a successful transition to the big screen allowing actor Michael Dorn display his chops as tough-as-nails Klingon Lt Commander Worf in four films. Its hard to believe that underneath all of that grisly makeup was a very handsome black man. My favorite of his Star Trek films is Star Trek VIII: First Contact where Worf battles the Borg. This is one of the most entertaining and action packed scifi films of all time.




In his prime, Billy Dee Williams was one of the most attractive black male actors in the world. Its no wonder that one of the only his character from the original Star Wars Trilogy Lando Calrissian has become so iconic even though he was featured in just a couple handful of scenes throughout the entire series. Having said that, Lando proved to be the sexiest, double-crossing, bad-ass black man in the entire universe. So much so I would love to see an actual feature length version of the mock Lando Calrissian Star Wars film shown in the trailer below.




Attack the Block is one of my favorite scifi films from the last 10 years. Its a fun, scary and action packed UK film featuring a great young cast. Amongst those cast members are newcomers John Boyega and Franz Drameh. These two handsome young men kicked serious ass as they transitioned from losers to heroes, saving their “Block” from an Alien invasion.


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