As you know Cypher Avenue is constantly searching the web for interesting subject matter to share with our audience. We came across a video produced by TVC News out of Africa.   The video features candid commentary from everyday Africans and their attitudes towards homosexuality.  What makes this refreshing is that it is not the usual African video from Uganda filled with hateful speech, outrage, and anger over homosexuality. 

This presentation takes us to Nairobi, Nigeria and South Africa where we hear from those “On The Street”. The views here are not expressed by politicians and angry protests but by students and those of a younger generation.  There are still many that proclaim homosexuality is wrong or a disorder; however it was still inspiring to hear many young Africans eloquently and logically voicing their thoughts and opinions in favor of homosexuality equality.

The feature pointed out that there were a little over 8 countries in Africa who recognize gay rights but also touched on the many countries where homosexuality is punishable by jail and the challenges that many lesbians and gays face.  Some highlights are a short interview with a South African gay couple who have been together for 12 years and we hear from researcher, Diana-Abasi Ibanga who points out some history of homosexuality in Africa and what he feels is a “new” aversion due to the embracing of Christianity.

The last 6 minutes of the video features the new fashion trend of tattooing in Africa and also a 27 year old African entrepreneur from the Democratic Republic of Congo who has created tablets and smart phones.  Interesting how narrator Bukunmi Ayo-Ariyo points out that tattooing was once deemed demonic and associated with hoodlums but now it is considered fashionable amongst the youth.

View the video below and feel free to share your thoughts.