So now that MTV’s 2013 VMAs and everyone’s live tweeting of the Awards Show is over, we wanna hear your overall thoughts.

Should Miley Cirus have twerked with Robin Thicke?


Should Jason Collins STILL be milking this whole gay NBA player thing? Should white rapper Macklemore have won the BEST HIP HOP VIDEO for “Can’t Hold Us” (the song most played in fitness gyms nationwide) and BEST VIDEO WITH A MESSAGE prize for this kinda pretty dope anti-homophobia music video?

Wait, Hip Hop music and Twerking, aren’t those supposed to be “black” things…Have we officially lost those things? So be it.

The comment has already been made thousands of time on the Internet, but the photo below of The Smiths watching Miley Cyrus’ performance pretty much sums up my reaction to all of last night’s VMAs.


I’m 36 years old, maybe I’m officially pass the age where this kind of spectacle is still even vaguely entertaining. Being totally honest (aren’t I always): I pretty much switched off to watch Breaking Bad and Dexter/The Newsroom for the most part so I only caught the show in chunks.

But I’m in the minority this show was seen by millions. We got out annual dose of Kanye West, Drake and Justin Timberlake performances (with a little N’Sync thrown in there)…Now all is right with the world.