Earlier in 2017 a Black own company (that caters to Black women) had the audacity to do the unthinkable. They had the crazy idea to attempt to grow their business and compete on a larger multinational scale by…(get this) marketing to White women. The Horror!

You see its okay for multinational companies like Dove and Pantene to market to non-white people but this is a no-no for a Black company. This is tantamount to cooning or selling out. Black “Shea Butter” Twitter was not having it…no ma’am! Even though Shea Moisture had 20+ commercials in their (then new) ad campaign, this one ad featuring all white women and one light-skinned Jordan Sparks type (half-breed is the term Blacks used when they mad) was blasphemy and had broken an unspoken commandment. Though shalt not put no other woman over a Black woman.

Now that the faux outrage has subsided, Shea Moisture currently has a new campaign for MEN and the woolly mammoth -sometimes uncontrollable – hair that grows outta our faces.

The positive here is that I’m glad there’s an campaign centered primarily on Black men and our beards; in addition to the ad having some stupendous eye candy. Nonetheless I did notice some areas of improvement. Who is Shea Moisture’s director / videographer? In a world of 4k and 1080p, this commercial looks grainy. The main pic or still on their homepage is also grainy af. Not one high res pic on hard drive somewhere? 

Also the commercial is very similar in style to the commercial that caused a stink with the pitch forked women. I think it would’ve looked better against a white back drop or the models in a mock (all white) bathroom. At any rate, still props to them for focusing on us dudes and our crumb collectors.

Check out the ad below and feel free to share your thoughts.