Last year video was released of Kansas City Chief’s Kareem Hunt assaulting a white woman. While under the influence Hunt can be seen in the footage (below) getting into a verbal altercation with the women (whom nobody knew) while she was outside of his and team mates hotel suite. During the argument, Hunt pushed her to the ground and kicked her. Hunt initially lied to the Chiefs about the incident and once the video emerged, Hunt was released. Hunt was very tight lipped in his apology interview as to why / how this issue happened. Later it was revealed that the woman (who again no one knew and was not a guest of anyone in the suite or on the floor) called Hunt a “nigger” which prompted him to go HAM. Hunt has now since signed with the Cleveland Browns.

While looking at news of the signing on Youtube, I came across a video related to the assault of FS1’s Undisputed. In the clip Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless are discussing the incident post Hunt’s termination. Shannon Sharpe is a non-nonsense former NFL athlete, known for posting pics or vids of himself drinking Hennessy and smoking Black & Milds. For you all who don’t know, he is also my super fit 50 year old play uncle who doubles as my spades partnah while on yacht parties in Miami.

In the 13 minute clip, shit gets real at 9:59 mark when Jenny Taft states, “I don’t believe he deserves another shot (in the NFL).” I love how Sharpe logically and thoroughly got ‘talk’n points-double-standard’ Taft together during the segment.

I learned long ago (how the media treated Michael Vick vs how it treated Ben Roethlisberger) that whites view Black male athletes differently than white male athletes. Many white folk view white athletes as determined, critical thinking individuals who had to work hard to achieve a spot on a team and begin their professional careers. White folk view Black athletes as brutes having natural instinctually athletic abilities in their DNA because they’re one generation removed from climbing and swinging through trees in the jungles of Africa. So for Black athletes, it’s a privilege not only when they get selected by an NFL team but to get paid millions of dollars for their ‘natural’ attributes. They don’t take into account the years of study hard work and training Black athletes put into honing their skills to make it to the professional level.

“No Maim”…we are not gonna hold young Black male NFL players to a HIGHER standard than professional civil servants (fireman, police officers) and professionals (teachers, doctors, lawyers)!…just because they get paid millions for their physical talents. I thought it was funny how ‘copy & paste’ Jenny could barely even look at him when he summarily shut her lame talking points down.