We’re baaaaaaack!

Eight months after our final iTunes podcast in 2013, the bad boys of the gay blogging community are back with 13 episodes already in the can!

You can SUBSCRIBE to the pod on iTunes to have new episodes downloaded directly to your iPhone, iPod, iPad, laptop or home computer.

If you’ve never listened to our pod, they feature Cypher Avenue founders Nick Delmacy & Ocky Williams giving hilarious and substantive commentary on just about every issue you can imagine. Past episodes also showcased exclusive interviews and roundtable discussions with other gay men of color.

These hour-long podcasts are perfect for a long commute to work or an intense workout session in the gym.

Not only are the audio podcasts already available on the website for streaming and downloading, we also offer video versions on YouTube featuring clips, photos and graphics.

Thanks to generous donations from readers like you, we’ve recently invested in new recording equipment and software. You can hear that around Episode 8 and 9 of the pod the audio quality improves greatly. We’re constantly working to achieve the highest quality possible for the best listening experience.

New episodes will drop at least twice per month with occasional special guests, interviews, topics and themes. Enjoy!