JohnCenaRandyOrtonCloseupAnimatedOcky Williams’ response to someone on Facebook…

“I am aware of those documentaries (How Do I Look and Paris is Burning) but don’t have a desire to view them as I am not interested in that culture. Everything isn’t for everybody and I’m ok with that.”

The below response is to my response from a different Facebook’r than the one I was dialoging with;

“…strikes me as regrettable that someone can say they’re not interested in somethng that they havent been exposed to or know anything about. sad to think what such a person is missing-even just as an engaging piece of documentary filmmaking-let alone a touching, moving lens on simple HUMAN experience- ‘Paris’ is exemplary. smh. #AClosedMindSureIsADarkPlace“. 

Closed Mind?

This below video was posted to YouTube by presumably someone who IS in the Ball Culture AND can be seen participating at the Ball footage uploaded.

People heavily involved in the Ball Culture have posted numerous videos online. By simply watching the videos (like folks watch a preview to a movie), I can see I don’t want any part of this. Just like I didn’t want any part in Amazing Spider Man 2 or American Horror Story Coven. How does that make me a bad gay or a closed minded gay? As I have said before and will continue to state, everything isn’t for everybody. This is not a negative statement. Nonetheless I do feel the above Facebook response is typical from the more “cultured” or “enlightened” gays within the community.

If you have not lived how they lived, then therefore you haven’t lived honey. Regardless if I’m interested or not interested in all things gay, I should force myself to experience it because there is an off chance I might like it.? To see half naked men glide down a cat walk with oiled up bodies, men in drag and transgenders showing you how “womanly” they are, all while giving face is a part of the gay experience that my ignorant mind has yet to capture.

I also don’t like baseball, tennis and golf. Does that mean I’m an unenlightened uncultured neanderthalic masculine oaf? Who cares about all the non-sexual, non-Ball-related things that I love; like science, cosmology, nature, fishing, aeronautics, animals, history, gay films (DL Chronicles: Episode Thomas; OMG) and documentaries? No I’m not as cultured as I would like to be but does that mean I need to force myself to experience something that I feel adds no personal value to my spirit? What else do I need to do as a gay man to be a full-fledged homosexual? March in a Gay Pride Parade, go to a bath house, participate at the Folsom Street Festival, have a hook up off of a mobile app…because you know, all that’s a part of the culture too right?

I have no problem with the participants of Balls; why would I? There is no reason to. They are obviously having fun and having a good time while bonding with others in their community. I think it’s a great thing…for them.

Dear internet cultured gays, if you want people to respect you and allow you to live, learn how to do the same for others and stop being so judgmental. Me doing gay different from you, doesn’t make my gay wrong and yours right OR my gay experience less cultured. Gays are not a monolith. Get outta my face!