PictureAfter the sudden deaths of rappers Tupac and Biggie in 1996/1997, a void was left in their wake. To fill that void, fans of hip hop music were forced to gravitate to the likes of Master P and Ja-Rule. That’s how its felt for fans of gay cinema featuring men of color since Deondray Gossett and Quincy LeNear put their filmmaking endeavors on hold for reality television. We were forced to endure over-sexualized, poorly acted/written/produced films, television and web shows that mostly reinforced stereotypes.

Fortunately, two of the godfathers of black gay cinema are returning to the screen with new episodes of their groundbreaking film series, “The D.L. Chronicles.” There are not many openly gay black filmmakers producing gay themed work that are as consistent with writing, directing, casting and just plain quality that stands up next to their Caucasian and heterosexual film counterparts.

Coming on the heels of their successful web series spinoff, “The Chadwick Journals,” the filmmakers have just completed a brand new episode called “The D.L. Chronicles RETURNS: Thomas” which will premiere at the Outfest Fusion festival this Friday, March 22nd in Hollywood, CA (Tickets are still available HERE).

We had the opportunity to get the guys on the phone for a LONG and THOROUGH conversation about everything from gay films, the lack of masculine gay men in the media, shitty gay web series, the wide appeal of their thug character Boo, the difficulty in finding talented “masculine” gay actors, advice for people struggling with their sexuality and tips on how to maintain a 17 year long committed relationship.

INTERVIEWS: The DL Chronicles – Deondray Gossett and Quincy LeNear