Comic Con Trailer The Walking Dead Season 6-2

AMC debuted the trailer for the new season of The Walking Dead at Comic-Con today and its pretty fuckin’ intense.

Comic Con Trailer The gWalking Dead Season 6

I continue to be amazed by this show’s turnaround not only in quality but also in casting. It’s become a running joke that Black male characters are overly expendable on this high rated series.

In season 5 alone we lost (spoiler alert) Bob, Tyrese and Noah, all likeable characters played by very good black actors.

This season looks to be no exception to the rule as the trailer reveals that the other dreadlocked Walking Dead comic book fave, Heath, finally makes his television adaptation debut this season.


I’d be curious to see just how long Heath lasts. Having said that, lets do some speculating and start a “Black Character Death Watch List” for season six. Predict just how long each black character will last this season in the comments section (Please No Spoilers Comic Book Readers)!

Comic Cson Trailer The Walking Dead Season 6




Might as well begin with the new guy. Besides the fact that he’s the most expendable out of this entire list, he bothers me because he looks like Tyler Perry wearing a pony-tailed dreadlock wig. No, seriously. Look at the above screenshot and imagine that was Tyler Perry. It’s disturbing.

Seriously though, in the comic books Heath was the Alexandria equivalent to Glen in season one. He was the one quick and brave enough to go out on food and supply runs in the nearby zombie-infested cities. That dangerous occupation makes me think he may not be long for this world. Then again, Glen has made it 6 seasons, so it could go either way. We could be rooting for Heath in Season 12 of the show.

PREDICTION: 5 Episodes…Maybe 7…Tops…



Tyrese’s little sister Sasha had a rough season 5. Not only did she lose her brother she lost the only other eligible black peen to date in Zombieland. She may be on the brink a character’s end point, having lost pretty much everything already.

Also, it’s not a good sign that she’s barely even in this trailer at all. That could mean that she died so early on in the season that the editors didn’t even have enough footage available to highlight her.

In the comics, her character bit the bullet very early, way back when they first got to the prison…so there’s no telling what the writers have in store for her. Personally, I like Sasha. She’s fine as hell and could potentially be a deep character this season.

PREDICTION: If she manages to make it past the initial 8 episodes in 2015…she’ll likely survive until the season finale in 2016. Then its a wrap for her. Zombie Dinner.



The appeal of Morgan is weird. It must be the strength of the actor because his character has barely been on the show, yet fans are obsessed with him. The way people reacted to Morgan and Rick’s reunion at the end of last season, you would have thought it was the same as Andre 3000 and Big Boi reuniting Outkast.

Rick has literally spent all of 2 whole days with Morgan in the under 1 1/2 years since he woke up in the Zombie Apocalypse from a coma. That’s hardly enough screen time together to be rooting for a big reunion.

So again, it must be the actor, Lennie James, that causes the hype. He’s amazing, no question there. So amazing that he deserves his own show. As a matter of fact, he HAS his own show. Where he’s the star. And its really damn good. The show CRITICAL airs in the United Kingdom and its just as well-written, gory and bloody as any episode of The Walking Dead.

So you have a player who can easily be the headliner of his OWN team, now joining a new squad where he’ll be one of MANY. Nope. Just like Lebron James, he’ll be heading back home sooner than later.

PREDICTION: Gone after a really good 2-4 episode arc.



The Walking Dead’s most hated character since Andrea. Admittedly, he’s just as annoying in the comic books…but to me it all works. I kinda like the idea of the religious man being inept, bumbling his way around the apocalypse…instead of him being the cliched wise, calm, know-it-all protected by God.

So that begs the question, will God protect his character throughout season six?

Again, the miniscule screen time that he has in the trailer may be an indication. The above freeze frame is literally the only time we even see a glimpse of Gabriel.

That could either mean that for much of the season he’s renovating the local church…or that he’s offed before the opening credits even begin in the season premiere.

PREDICTION: I kinda think if he makes it past the initial 8, he’ll be around for the rest of the season. At least ONE black man has to survive on this show, right?



She’s a fan-favorite bad ass wielding a sword. Like Darryl, she’s not going anywhere any time soon.

PREDICTION: She lives for the rest of the entire series.

Comic Con Trailer The Walking Dead Season 6-6

Comic Con Trailer The Walking Dead Season 6