One of our favorite Out Rappers, EarthTone, started his #52Tuesdays Series last month where he drops new music and video snippets each week in promotion of his upcoming project, “Gourmet.”

Featuring both original tracks and freestyles over industry beats, the new series reminds of that black gay musicians need our support even more now than ever before.

Back when we began this website, there were over a dozen Out gay rappers buzzing in the Community. That number soon grew to dozens with young musicians cropping up all over the world. Lately, however, it seems as if they are an endangered species.

Websites and podcasters that used to feature new music daily are now gone from the Internet. Even Frank Ocean has gone dark.

The buzz and attention that these artists used receive from the Community now go to the half naked web series actors/models on Instagram. There doesn’t seem to be the same enthusiasm.

Nonetheless, we’re still paying attention and will try to highlight the Black Gay Artists we like and feel deserve the attention.

Check out EarthTone’s full #52Tuesdays Series on his YouTube Channel: EarthToneMuziq