PictureLate last year, social media was abuzz after the release of an article on the U.K. based news website, The Guardian. We were all introduced to a rare pair of biological twin brothers, James and Daniel,  who were born to interracial parents Alyson and Errol Kelly.

On top of the rarity of being twins, the brothers were born very different from one another.  James is Black, outgoing and gay. Daniel is White, shy and straight.

“They were chalk and cheese, right from the word go,” says Alyson. “It was hard to believe they were even brothers, let alone twins.”

I finally had an opportunity to see the BBC documentary featuring the family (which already had two other sets of twin sons before James and Daniel were born). The difference couldn’t be more apparent once you see them in the flesh. Daniel, the younger brother by two hours, is the more athletic of the two. However, it was the homosexual brother James that physically fought racist bullies for Daniel whenever he was teased by them for his Caucasian appearance.Surprisingly, the documentary features a segment where James talks about his difficult decision to come Out of the closet to his family, most especially his father. “Its the Monster coming out of the closet,” James says. “If you tell him, he’s gonna kill you.”

While he was distraught and frightened when saying the words, twin brother Daniel laughingly spoke up and said, “So what…We knew that deep down inside. We knew you liked dudes. It’s cool, just don’t tell us about it.” This lightened up the mood and everyone, including his father is fine with it…Up to a point. “He’s still my boy, that’s it really,” father Errol says. “I just won’t have any Kissing and Cuddling around me, basically.”

– Nick D