Well the much anticipated UFC fight between Jon “Bones” Jones and Rampage Jackson ended with Rampage getting a beat down.  I must admit…I still got mad love for Rampage Jackson.  The fight this past Saturday at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado displayed how Jon Jones may be a dominate force in UFC for years to come.  Dude has an armory of weapons at his disposal and he displayed them in beating Rampage Jackson’s ass.  Hey but Rampage Jackson is still sexy right?The bad blood ended with Jon Jones planting a kiss on the cheek of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson after the fight.That was after Jones punished him so bad that Jackson needed stitches to close a wound above his right eye. It’s simply the way respect is earned in the octagon.  Jones defended his light heavyweight title by putting Jackson in a choke hold and forcing the veteran to tap out Saturday night at UFC 135.

The 24-year Jones relied on his quickness and long reach to get inside on Jackson and inflict damage. In the fourth round, Jones put a bleeding Jackson in a rear naked choke hold and Jackson signaled he was done. It was the first time Jackson has tapped out in his UFC career.

The fighters entered the bout in the midst of a squabble. It started when Jackson accused Jones of sending a spy into his camp to steal his secrets, a charge that Jones vehemently denied.Afterward, the feud was declared over, replaced by talk of respect. Jones even gave Jackson a quick hug and a peck.”I told Quinton that I admire him so much, that I respect him so much,” Jones said. “Told him, ‘You’re awesome. It’s such an honor to fight you.'”

The feeling was mutual.  “I thought he was all hype,” Jackson said. “But he’s the real deal.”

Check out Rampage in his post interview…He always has a good sense of humor.