Deondray Gossett and Quincy LeNear, creators of the awesome yet short lived series “The D.L. Chronicles”, are on a mission to produce new episodes of the series beginning in 2012! We’re fans of these guys as we’ve spoken about them before, so this was good news to us when it was announced a couple days ago!For those that have no idea what I’m talking about, “The D.L. Chronicles” was a 4-episode anthology series telling stories about (somewhat) masculine men that live the “DL” lifestyle. The independently financed series featured pretty relatable stories and to date is probably the most accurate television depiction we’ve seen of masculine Gay men of color. It was a breath of fresh air from other series that basically only reinforced the stereotypes of us (*cough* Noah’s Arc). While not perfect, I still thoroughly enjoyed “The D.L. Chronicles” and have since forced every Gay masculine dude I’ve met to watch it themselves. The DVD of the first season is available on Netflix and Amazon for purchase.

After the successful first season, the show was picked up for a second season on the gay network HERE! But it was never produced and eventually shelved indefinitely. So the creators of the show (now in year-15 of their real-life long-term relationship) have opted to try to raise the financing for a second season directly from the fans, people like us.

Here’s a video of Deondray and Quincy explaining everything in detail:

They’re taking donation pledges through a page they created on the fundraising site, Kickstarter. Going for $125,000, its a lofty goal…not only for a crowd-funding endeavor but its ambitious for a gay-themed project as well. However that is most likely the minimum amount needed to produce the show effectively. They have only less than 60 days to reach their goal and no donation is too small as they begin as low as $1.

We here at CYPHER AVENUE will definitely be making a donation to the cause in addition to helping to spread the word about the series. We’ll give you updates as the production progresses!

Check the site here:

Here’s a clip form one of the episodes:

– Nick D