Cypher Avenue Rating: 3 of 5      

PictureJust in time for Father’s Day we bring you this cool little story about a masculine dedicated, hardworking father and his equally dedicated, hardworking and head strong basketball prodigy young son.Being honest, I am not really sure who wrote and directed this film.  The YouTube video was uploaded by “angela b” back in 2011 but I can’t find a website or any other reference on the internet.  Regardless, I really appreciated Junior for its simplicity and very positive and non-stereotypical portrayal of black males and fathers.  This is a rarity in black gay short films and web series.

I know some of you have probably already seen this; however it stills holds a little special place for me. The two main characters interactions are beautiful on screen.  The conflict of this short film occurs when Junior doesn’t get picked for the JV basketball team, even though he is by far the best player who tries out.

After comforting his son in his sorrow, it’s up to the father to find out why his son didn’t get selected.  In the process the father realizes his past has influenced the present.

As with any indie project Junior is not without its problems.  Sketchy audio and poor editing is a bit distracting.  Unfortunately for me it has come to be expected with black gay short films and web series.

In this case, who cares?  The positive display of fatherhood in the film trumps all.  Thank you “Angela B” for providing us with images that seems to be lacking in our communities. KUDOS!

View the film below and please feel free to provide your feedback.