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Just Say No To Cheesy Di*ks 

I’ve been around the block a couple of times and have seen a couple of penises in my day; mostly circumcised and a few uncircumcised. In my early 20s I did have the unfortunate displeasure of coming across a smelly, cheesy uncircumcised penis. Not cool!…


Who Likes Musky Nutts? 

Do you like musky balls? Maybe I should quantify “musky” or “musty”. Personally I’m not talking about funky, haven’t washed in 3 days, been working in the yard all day, ill-smelling foulness. No, I’m  referring to just awaken in the morning nutts. You know when…


The Science of Morning Wood & Orgasms 

If you are not familiar with AsapSCIENCE, they host a YouTube channel that answers your questions from a scientific point of view. The videos are short and very easy to understand. I came across these two interesting subjects; “Morning Wood & Orgasms” that we wanted to share with our male audience.