PictureMy folk around me know when I get in my gym rhythm; I’m a man on a mission.  I go hard when the temperature begins to rise around Spring time. However I have to admit, sometimes after many weeks in the gym I can begin to feel mundane and lethargic.  I need motivation.

During these mental slumps I read ‘how to’ workout articles, go online and view workout advice from pros and reassess my supplementation regiment.  I also started going on YouTube to see some of these people in action.  I just don’t want to hear their advice but I want to see them practicing what they preach.

I recently came across a group of videos by the “Strength Project”.  I clicked on the first video that had the most views which was “I Command You To Grow! Bicep/Arm Day with CT Fletcher” (below).

Imagine if you take Samuel L Jackson, Tookie Williams, The Rock (the wrestler not the actor LOL) and rolled them into one.

You will have the crazy-foul mouth-mutha fucka that is CT Fletcher!

PictureI laughed my ass off at this video.  I just loved it and immediately begin to share with others. With its gritty R-rated appeal, I can see why it had so many views AND I did feel myself being motivated.

Yes I lost count at the number of times he said “mutha fucka” in the short 7 minute video but as a person who likes to cuss (“curse” for the ebonics and southern twang illiterates) myself, this video was completely my flavor.

Intrigued, I then went onto view the longer 9 minute bio video about CT Fletcher “The Strongest Man You Never Heard Of” (below).  I was no longer motivated but inspired.   CT was/is a world record holder and world renowned power lifter.

PictureI thought to myself…fitting title because I have never heard of this dude.

The 9 minute video starts off on a very serious tone with CT talking about his life.  Growing up in a home with a very abusive father, to being a member of a LA gang, becoming a world record power lifter, and suffering a major heart attack.  His testimony is eye opening.

Now at 53 plus years of age Fletcher is a BEAST! He has stated that he feels the one true ‘The Fountain Of Youth’ is IRON….meaning dumbbells, olympic bars, plates, benches and machines.  Of course we all should know the health benefits of weight resistance exercise.  It not only builds muscle and burn fat but also strengthens bones.  So there is plenty of truth to his statement.

Plenty of others seem to have caught the CT Fletcher bug.  If you Google his name you see many blog posts and forums about his “motivational” videos on YouTube.

CT says,

20 minute abs, 20 minute calves, 20 minute butt, 20 minute any-fucking-thing is a pile of bullshit. If you see somebody with great abs, a great butt, a great whatever, they didn’t do the shit in 20 minutes, and if they tell you they did, they are a fucking liar. Trust me on that. No matter what, cause I hate complainers and I hate criers … if I could come in here with a metal valve implanted in my chest, taking 10 different medicines just to stay alive every day and do my work out, you have no excuses. So no matter what, your nose bleeds, it’s that time of the month, the kids are crying, you don’t feel like it, your back hurts, you got aches and pains..It’s still your mutha fucking set.  Let’s get it done.”

You tell these mutha fuckas CT!

Every day while at the gym, I now find myself saying “Grow Mutha Fucka, Grow!”  Not out loud of course.

Thank you Mr. Fletcher for cussing my ass out and giving me motivation.