WATCH: Chance The Rapper Remixes “Life Round Here”

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Mar 6 2014 | 4 Comments  


Now that Chance The Rapper has replaced Childish Gambino as our favorite indie hip hop artist, we can continue to Stan over just about everything awesome that he does. The kid is seriously talented and already making much bank from touring…And he’s not even signed to a label.

His latest impressive artistic move is this music video for the remix of London singer James Blake’s melodic song, “Life Round Here.” Directed by acclaimed photographer Nabil, the black & white filmed video features Chance The Rapper and James Blake cruising out to the beat in a lowrider. 


Blake’s part of the song pretty much remains like the original featured on his album Overgrown, but when a new trap beat mixes into the track, Chance the Rapper murders the it with his rapid-fire lyrical flow.

Its a very dope, surreal video featuring a few random visuals (weird people they pass by on the street, a bird randomly shows up in the backseat of the car, etc). Check it.

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  1. Ace of hearts | March 6th, 2014

    This right here!!!! One word: DOPE!

  2. Nick Delmacy | March 6th, 2014

    Life ain’t been round here in a minute…

  3. Jonah | March 6th, 2014

    Prolly one of the best damn combos ever… James Blake got them ethereal pipes and Chance is a gymnast with the lyrics. They gotta work together more!

  4. questforknowledge
    quest for knowledge | March 6th, 2014

    This was a dope song and video! I really loved the beat and melody of the song. I think I enjoyed James Blake’s part a little bit more than Chance The Rapper’s part. But I’m definitely downloading it and adding it to my iTunes.

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