Fly Young Red

The message here runs deep as Fly Young Red does a 360 from the ratchet club banger Boy Pussy. With U Don’t Want It he gives us a cerebral conversation starter that will have you nodding you head in agreement as he spits bars like;

…Aint nobody perfect,
but a lot of gay niggas don’t live to see 30,
cause you teach’em that they worthless,
and its workin. It’s workin,
and they just lookin for love,
but you tell’em God hate’em ,
They aint lookin above,

Oh that was the warm up. He goes straight for the jugular on the second verse;

Yall funny as fuck, yall funny as fuck,
Yall muthafuckas funny as fuck,
Cause yall watch Tyler Perry be Madea cause he funny and stuff,
But your put your son out,
Guess he wasn’t funny enough.

The production with the dramatic revolving sample in the background adds to the seriousness and realness of the track. My only real complaint is that I felt the song is too short at only around 2:40 seconds. Definitely want to give props to this young man for dropping this track and having the flow and swagger to put himself within the top echelon of the LGBT rap scene.