Cypher Avenue Rating: 4.5 of 5      

PictureIt was a Holiday. Memorial Day. I was home alone. All of my friends were out of town with their significant others or visiting family. I’d already had my fair share of cookouts and dry overly cooked barbeque that afternoon. I needed some time to myself. I needed to unwind. But I didn’t want to be alone.

 I grabbed my cell and considered a rare thought…a curiosity. My friends had told me about the smartphone apps that help gay men fulfill fantasies. I’d never used one myself but on this night, the urge was overwhelming. I reluctantly punched the letters into the search bar: F-A-N-D-A-N-G-O. My heart beat wildly as the app began loading.
Instantly my screen was filled with several different inviting options right in my area thanks to the built in GPS of the iPhone 5. I felt so dirty, so naughty as I scrolled through selections intended for both younger and older men…It seemed like they were all escorts because there wasn’t a single one not looking for money. Why not, I had the money and the free time, maybe I should treat myself.
My selection chose me more than I chose it: Fast & Furious 6.
I headed out. Nervous, I played out all the possible scenarios in my head. I’d experienced nights similar to this before…five other nights actually…but it had been at least 2 years since the last time. I was past due for another rendezvous. I entered the building and saw there was a young man taking money at the door.

So…This was one of those parties, I thought. The ones you hear about from your more “experienced” friends. He was alone, standing next to a bowl of packaged items. For all I knew they could have been condoms, lube (or 3D glasses), either way I grabbed a handful, just to be prepared for whatever the night threw my way.
The young man took my money and pointed to a doorway on my left. I took a deep breath and slowly walked in. Darkness. I could already hear music as I walked through the dark corridor. Then I turned the corner and saw the room was full of people. My heart raced. I’d never been to anything like this. An orgy of strangers all congregating in the darkness to enjoy mutual entertainment amongst consenting adults. Although it was new, it still felt natural.
I found a corner to sit myself. I watched as more people filled the dimly lit room. Some came alone, some were couples. That was the best thing, the fact that couples, both men & women felt comfortable engaging in this activity with strangers. It was very exhilarating and erotic. The lights dropped to black.
Our host was about to get the party started. But first, Fast & Furious 6 wanted a little foreplay…He wanted to fill us all in on the many other events much like this one that would be coming to town in the next few months. I’m all for being informed but he took over 20 minutes to do this. If I had been late for our appointment, turns out I would have actually been right on time.
Finally, he started the show. To all of our surprise, he wasn’t alone. He brought many friends with him. They were all of different races, heights and sizes but they were all very attractive in their own right. Not only that, these were grown folks. Hardly a single 20-year-old amongst them, all in their 30s and 40s. Being in my mid-30’s I really appreciated seeing that hotness is not monopolized by the young. I was already thinking that my money was well spent when Fast & Furious 6 took this party up a notch.
Out of nowhere, exotic and expensive vehicles began appearing. They were all very loud and very fast. All of his friends hopped into the cars and showed us just what these powerful beasts could do. This group managed to get the entire room full of people all hot & bothered without even taking off any clothing. Well, that’s not entirely true. The shortest guy of the bunch briefly posed topless for the crowd but it was a bit gratuitous and didn’t really impress anyone in the room.
Over the next two hours the men & women simulated dances of fighting, much like the quick, sweeping moves of capoeira, the Brazilian game of martial arts to music. It was all very exciting. Amongst the crowd of onlookers, I felt the hidden voyeuristic side of me coming out. I could get used to this. If only there were more experiences like this available to men such as myself throughout the entire year and not just the summer.
Then it happened. The last 30 minutes of the encounter was long, hard and wouldn’t let up. Fast & Furious 6 took control of all of us and commanded our attention. Usually, I’m not one to submit to the will of others, but Fast & Furious 6 dominated me. He pinned me to my seat and explosively growled at me whenever my eyes drifted or glanced away from his grandeur.

After 20 minutes and not letting up, I wondered just how much longer he could keep this up. He stretched the limits of logic and endurance as he and his team demonstrated an orgy of acrobatic moves before us. This was amazing. I didn’t want it to end. I had already climaxed 15 minutes prior but Fast & Furious 6 just kept going and going. Then, this happened:
As Fast & Furious 6 shot through that hole right towards my awaiting face, my gaze was stuck like a deer in headlights. To make matters worse, I had my mouth wide open. To be honest, my jaw had already been on the floor for the last 10 minutes actually. This last climax was just too hard to believe but I was completely satisfied. I got my money’s worth. Everyone in the crowd did.
We all caught our breath and began to prepare to leave. But before we could wipe up, Fast & Furious 6 announced his retirement and brought out a new friend of his. This 45-year-old bad-ass British guy with an overabundance of coolness. We also learned that the torch was being handed to our host’s younger brother, Fast & Furious 7. Guess I’ll be getting more hot action shot into my face this time next year as well!
– Nick D