Right before the new year, one of favorite openly gay rap artists, Kaoz, has dropped what may be his only music video since January 2012. The song, “High Az Eva”, is from his new two volume experimental project EnterSextions. We’ve been waiting to get word on when (or if) the project would be released soon and Kaoz himself tweeted the news on Christmas Eve.

EnterSextions Vol. 1 is coming February 2013. So get ready for sum dope alternative hip hop in the new year….

— Kaoz (Walter White) (@Kaoz612) December 25, 2012

In other tweets, Kaoz (briefly) explains why the project is broken down into two volumes, why its been delayed and what you should expect from the music. Kaoz was Cypher Avenue’s 2011 Best Gay Artist of the Year but has been relatively quiet since then. We’ve already reached out to him for an exclusive Cypher Avenue interview so you’ll all be able to hear the full answers to the aforementioned questions (and more) in due time.