Openly gay R&B Singers Metrell Hurst and Damien Crawford just dropped a music video for their collaboration single, “I Can Do Better.”

For those unfamiliar, Damien Crawford is a singer/songwriter featured on episodes of the Best Gay Web Series of 2013, No Shade, and the very attractive Metrell is a former everything: Former military soldier, former gay porn performer (2 or 3 scenes does not make one a “porn star”) and former host of Derrick L. Brigg’s ADTV. Now he’s focusing his time on his music career.

We rarely ever get a chance to share R&B music on Cypher Avenue so I was looking forward to seeing this video once we saw it in our inbox. The video surprisingly features the two Out black gay men, not intimate with each other or singing to any men at all.

Not only are the lyrics to the song very clearly “Hetero”, the duo appears in the video mutually sexing up a woman in what could be vaguely described as a bisexual encounter…but even then, maybe not…the men never really ever touch each other.


Why is this a big deal? It’s not. Well, maybe not.

First off, I guess it’s a weird visual to see the openly gay men singing, “I Can Do Better” while sexing up a woman. They even use the female pronouns…So…Are they subliminally saying they can do better than being gay to their predominantly gay fan base?

Secondly, its clear this move is just for the comfort level of the hypothetical heterosexual audience given that a R&B music video featuring two black gay men sexing up other dudes would just be fodder for MediaTakeOut, Bossip and WorldStarHipHop. So does that make this a coward move or a wise business decision?

You know what, I’m reading too much into this. Slow news day. Just watch the video and give us your thoughts below.

The men look clean and I like the quality production of the song and video…but it feels a little too old school and “90’s New Jack Swing” to me. Like I could imagine Aaron Hall and Teddy Riley cooking this thing up. It doesn’t really feel like a “modern” R&B song that I’d hear on the radio today.

I know, I know…They’re black and gay so I’m SUPPOSED to support it no matter what my opinion REALLY is…Don’t get me wrong, they’re on to something…but they can do better.