WATCH: Lock Up and Suckablood

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Halloween at Cypher Avenue is now in full swing and we hope to bring you some delightful frights via some cool short films beginning today.  The best way to watch these two short films is with the lights off.  What’s wrong, you scared?  Man up…HA HA HA HA (evil laugh).


Lock Up

Working late, closing down the office, checking to make sure the doors are locked…dammit forgot the keys at my desk…what is that I hear behind me?  Check out Lock Up written and directed by Ben Kent, Ben Franklin and Jonathan Franklin.


Ghoulish fairy tales are the best fairy tales.  Forget the happily ever after, we’re adults; we can handle the death and sadness.  Don’t suck your thumb while watching Suckablood written and directed by Jake Cuddihy and Ben Tillett.

Happy Halloween.  

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Octavius is a founder and editor of Cypher Avenue. He's here to help speak for us and show the world that masculine gay / bisexual men of color are not a part of the stereotypical gay normal that is seen and fed to the masses. No...we are a distinct breed, filled with character and pride. Cypher Avenue is here to show the world how we are different.

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