Raw Footage (feat Tink) - My Whole Life [filmed by @SheHeartsTevin]-2

When I first started learning about gay hip hop music in 2009 there were only a handful of decent male rappers out there. They even had a (corny) name for Gay Rap Music: Homo Hop.

At the time, artists like Lasto, Bry’Nt, Kaoz and Bone Intell were the only MCs worth mentioning.

Five years later, new gay rappers are popping up everywhere. From the Freaky Boiz to EarthTone to Fly Young Red, seems like we’re hearing about talented gay rappers cropping up all the time.

Most importantly, they’re more than just gay gimmicks, opting to create their own identities rather than merely imitate Lil Kim, Foxy Brown or Nicki Minaj. Not only that, we’re finally starting to see Gay Rappers shown love from gay club promoters with opportunities to perform.

The latest artists to hit our radar is a trio of young bucks from Chicago (Tezzo, Aki and Lil Bit, pictured above) forming the rap group Raw Footage.


Thankfully these MCs are less interested in gratuitous raps about gay sex and more interested in spitting rapid fire verses about turning up, enjoying life and (in true hip hop fashion) why they’re better than the competition.

Brand new to the scene and they already have a full free mixtape available called Rawlife for downloading into your iTunes library.

Although for now their songs are primarily just remixes and interpolations of industry beats, Raw Footage still manages to establish a brand for themselves and their style.

This is demonstrated most effectively on their best track to date, “My Whole Life” (embedded below) featuring a huge chorus assist from TINK, a hot new female singer/rapper on the rise.


Fresh out of the gate, however, the members of the group are already dropping solo projects, even before a full album has been released. This is never a great indicator of group solidarity. The group is still collectively booking live shows so all may actually be copacetic in Chiraq for Raw Footage.

Either way, they still have a lot of room to grow but given their age and accomplishments so far, its clear that this is a very great start and quite possibly the beginning of a few long-term careers, whether or not they all go solo or remain united as a group.