Back in the late 90’s, one of my favorite Hip Hop groups were the off-kilter crew known as The Pharcyde. Their hits included “Passin’ Me By”, “Runnin” and “Drop”.

Everyone who was also a fan knows that original member Fatlip was booted from the group for many reasons, some of which included excessive drug use, missing tour dates, immaturity and many others. In this rare 2003 interview directed by eccentric filmmaker Spike Jones, heterosexual Fatlip tells the story of how a Transvestite deceived him into thinking that “she” was actually a woman.

At one point Fatlip admits, “A man sucked my dick!” He goes on to add that this man pretending to be a woman changed his life forever by deceiving him.

This is a kinda sad story. One could say, “He should have known” but remember he was a very young man at the time. Also, the Transvestite went out of “her” way to deceive him and others, even admitting that “she” had done it many times before.

Real-Talk Side Discussion: I don’t get Transsexuals, Transgenders, Transvestites and Drag Queens. I don’t. That’s why you will hardly ever see us discussing their “plight” on Cypher Avenue. This is not a discrimination thing. I don’t “hate” any of them. I just don’t get them. And to be honest, some of them kinda creep me out. Especially the really tall ones with the broad shoulders and caked up makeup.

To be honest, their “struggle” is VERY different from mine. True we may all want acceptance, but gender identity is NOT the same struggle as sexual orientation, especially when it comes to men who are perfectly fine with their male gender. Lumping us all in the same pot may be misguided.

While I don’t condone violence, in this case Fatlip had the right to at least throw one blow. This was not the equivalent to a man stiking a woman. This was a man hitting another man for knowingly executing a life-altering deception on another man, a man who was CLEARLY heterosexual.

This is why the whole concept and term for “Trade” needs to be eliminated from the Gay community. No matter how many “signals” you THINK that straight man is giving out, don’t be surprised if you get popped in the mouth for pretending to be something you are not just to get his penis into one of your orifices.

Admittedly, I don’t know what type of person Fatlip is and was at the time of this incident. He could have been a stone-cold homophobe (like the members of A Tribe Called Quest) and had a dose of Karma biting him in the ass. Either way, it makes for an interesting tale.