WATCH: Rapper KAOZ Goes To Work In New Music Video For “Overtime”

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Aug 28 2016 | 1 Comment  

OVERTIME - Kaoz - (Official 2016)-2

The LGBT rap scene has been relatively quiet in 2016 for our favorite MCs. We’re still waiting on debut album releases from Fly Young Red and Bry’Nt. Lasto (kinda sorta) retired from the game (more on that in a later podcast). And Earthtone joined The AlliYance, an underwhelming gay super-group.

So I was surprised to see Kaoz quietly drop a new music video for “Overtime” from the 2015 album, “The Beginning of the End.” The song was one a several from the conscious rapper that touched on social justice and the militarization of law enforcement. Over a year later the topics are unfortunately still very relevant.


OVERTIME - Kaoz - (Official 2016)-1

OVERTIME - Kaoz - (Official 2016)-3

OVERTIME - Kaoz - (Official 2016)




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  1. alton
    alton | August 29th, 2016

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