WATCH: “PHARM” – A New Web Series From The Creator of “About Him”

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Aug 8 2016 | 15 Comments  


Tyson Anthony, writer of the LGBT novel that spawned the show “About Him,” debuts his new original Black gay web series “Pharm.” The six episode series, directed by Anthony himself, stars web newcomers Donivan Jordan, Cardo Decardo and Dexter McKenzie.


Latham’s high is blown when a pill pushing, pizza delivery guy, named Pax slips into his life. Instantly a lust-struck Pax is hooked on Latham – a handsome individual who indulges often in a mind altering affair with a medicine called ‘Pharm’. Latham’s delusional ex-lover Quentin and Pax’s desperate quest to settle his money problems adds unwanted conflict to their new bond that’s destined to become a formula for success – or disaster.

LGBT Series - Pharm [Trailer]

In a press release, Tyson Anthony promises that series will be “similar to such shows as Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, and True Blood.”

However, based on the trailers for the series, it looks to be less inspired by those aforementioned shows and more of a sibling to recent soft-core porn Black Gay web series “Freefall” and “About Him.”

Further proof of this assumption was evidenced when I attempted to view the first episode on YouTube that premiered on August 7th 2016:

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 3.58.29 PM

While the YouTube version of the series was reported and subsequently banned, it still exists for $2.99 rental on their VHX powered streaming site:

We weren’t given a season pass for review like most other web series, so we have no idea if its any good or not. But the cast looks attractive and Tyson Anthony has been very successful with gay erotica in the past, so we can be sure that the show is pretty hot and steamy…if you’re into that kind of thing in your web series.

While we love the fact that these talented men are continuing to do the hard work of creating more LGBT content, we’re still waiting for the arrival of a solid Black gay web series that doesn’t rely on sex to tell a riveting and entertaining story.

Until then, we’ll continue watching these Black gay web series in the way they were meant to be seen:

UPDATE: The first two episodes of the series are now available on YouTube.









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