Last week the first episode of a new experimental web series, “Freefall”, focusing on the lives of everyday Gay men quietly premiered online. We’re kind of late sharing this one because since before its premiere we’d been in talks with filmmaker Lamont Pierré (My Brothers Keeper) on setting up an interview for Cypher Avenue. Well that interview happened last night and it was a good one; full of frank and honest talk about the series and the state of Gay film in general.In the meantime (for those who haven’t seen it yet), check out the first episode of the new series (embedded below) that was filmed in Atlanta starring newcomers Shamon Glaspy, Langston John Blaze and Joseph Fulton. Here’s the synopsis:

“A poorly paced Black gay web series set in Atlanta about men doing nothing but thinking about having sex with each other. Of course they also happen to be roommates.”

Again, no surprises here so far. The episode features the same laundry list of traits, characteristics and stereotypes we’ve come to expect from Gay black cinema (cheating boyfriends, promiscuous whores, hookups). However we’ve seen enough of Lamont Pierré’s previous work to hold out hopes for more depth and characterization within the series in the future.

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Stay tuned for the exclusive interview with Lamont Pierré coming soon!