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By OckyDub | Posted Jan 8 2014 | 18 Comments  


I really really want to give black gay cinema a chance.  No, I really do. I know we are a diverse and multifaceted group; nonetheless I must be honest that whenever I hear lisping and effeminate speak, I tune out.  Not because I’m some type of “a’phobic’a’phobe” but because I’m just tired of black gay stereotypes.

I was really excited to see that popular author Lee Hayes who has written a library of black gay fiction was finally making the short film BAIT.  So when the trailer dropped, I was like ok, “please let somebody be able to step into the ring with The D.L. Chronicles: Episode Thomas”.

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m glad we are getting a unique story told in that the film seems to be about a homosexual serial killer (at least from what I can tell from the trailer) and you know how the online gay community eats up the eye candy that will be served up in the film but…I hate to say this…well no I don’t but from the beginning narration, the lispy twang was kinda a letdown. Should I have expected something else?

bait cast

I know I’m kinda going off on a tangent here but why does every (duh of course not “every”), but why does every gay dude talk the same? Most have the same lispy tone or lispy inflections in their voice. I don’t understand it.  How does this happen?  Anyway, I digress.

After the short film, Hayes is attempting to make BAIT into a web series.  This does seem like it would be more promising than the OMG-somebody-put-me-outta-my-misery Free Fall.  AND I’m sure the film and upcoming web series will serve  as a precautionary tale about meeting strange muthafuckas off these mobile GPS (Gay Penis Supply) apps.  I will give it a shot, unlike I do with most of the other 98% of black gay stereotypical shit that’s out there. BAIT drops winter 2014.  Want to support and fund this Lee Hayes venture?  Go to BAIT the series

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Octavius is a founder and editor of Cypher Avenue. He's here to help speak for us and show the world that masculine gay / bisexual men of color are not a part of the stereotypical gay normal that is seen and fed to the masses. No...we are a distinct breed, filled with character and pride. Cypher Avenue is here to show the world how we are different.

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  1. African King | January 8th, 2014

    Looks like this has potential. Interesting concept but it is not far from the “gay stereotypes” lol. Let’s see if he makes the $15,000 goal.

    Freefall Season 2 begins this month so I hope it is better than the first season. I actually think the Miami bonus episode was one of the better episodes. As for THA LIFE ATL season 3, the trailer drops on January 18 and the full first episode with the new cast (3rd round) will drop on April 5.

  2. Dre G | January 8th, 2014

    It’s cool they’re making this about a very relevant danger in the gay community.and i like that it looked like the attractive guys were the messed up ones whereas often in the don’t-talk-to-web-strangers stories the creeps are usually not universally desirable

  3. Nick Delmacy | January 9th, 2014

    Man…I actually like Lee Hayes. Even gave him a positive review to one of his books in the past:

    But he does a web series and falls into the same old gay film cliche of NSA Hookups?! Okay…there’s maybe some murder and mystery in there but his novels implied that he’s able to transcend stereotypes. Guess I was giving him too much credit.

    • Ocky Williams | January 9th, 2014

      Hmmm…do you think he looked at the success of Free Fall and The Life and thought or felt he could not make a successful film or web series unless he did “the same old gay film cliche”?

  4. ControlledXaos
    Black Pegasus | January 9th, 2014

    It’s looks no different than the other Harry meets Johnny gay themes we’ve become accustomed to seeing on the web. The murderous angle seems to be a cheap addition to an already tired story line. On a good note, the Man boobs looked nice.

  5. SB3000 | January 9th, 2014

    Yea, I cant say that this grabs my attention. Cant say anything about it that hasnt all ready been said..but good luck to them…

  6. LEE B | January 9th, 2014

    “I know I’m kinda going off on a tangent here but why does every (duh of course not “every”), but why does every gay dude talk the same? Most have the same lispy tone or lispy inflections in their voice. I don’t understand it. How does this happen? ”

    Here is my answer to that. It’s just the popular thing to do! It’s trendy! Also, most gay people are not that masculine anyway and a good amount of the masculine ones tend to hang around a fem crowd, pick up that lingo, and mannerisms because that is the popular or trendy thing to do. I was reading something about a trend called ” vocal fry”, where a lot of young girls try and mimic the tone and vocal patterns of Kim kardashian, Paris Hilton, and other celebs because it sounds “cute”.
    This is the exact same thing!!!

    • Ocky Williams | January 9th, 2014

      I hear you and understand but for me this seems different. I’m not stating what you stated does not happen sometimes but how can gay men across the planet have the same lispyness? How does a lisp which is kind of a speech impediment develop after becoming secure with your sexuality in a lot of gay men?

      • LEE B | January 9th, 2014

        You saying they realize they are gay and develop a speech impediment? lol …first you would probably have to know whether or not they have always had the lisp. As for people around the world, if they have access to any form of media, Social,internet,TV, they could easily see all the many fem examples and say ” hey, he’s gay, let me talk/act like that since I’m gay too. Especially if that is the only gay example they have to follow. So they can see that and pick it up as well. Now find me some but naked, mud covered gay folks in some remote jungle that hasn’t had contact with the outside world, who has that same lisp and talks like that, then we may can conclude that to some gay gene or something biological lol. I still think that majority of that is just learned behavior though.

        • Ocky Williams | January 9th, 2014

          This is not over…this conversation will be ongoing.


  7. keith
    keith | January 9th, 2014

    I will give it a chance as I’ve given to his books…I kinda like the black gay serial killer angle…

  8. questforknowledge
    quest for knowledge | January 10th, 2014

    Hmmm the concept of the movie is different that you what you typically see on a lot of these gay shorts so I’m interested in watching it. But I can already tell as you mentioned that it will be frustrating to watch since it appears there will be many effeminate gay men playing the characters on the movie. It would be nice if there was a better balance with some masculine gay characters in there, geez that’s not asking too much is it?! lol.

    As far as supporting the film, I don’t feel compelled to do that. Real talk the only gay short film/series at this point I fully support is the DL Chronicles. Deondray Gossett and Quincy Le Near have consistently produced quality work albeit the work they do have is quite small. I never get enough of watching each episode, my favorite one is episode robert.

  9. socalbtm
    socalbtm | April 4th, 2015

    I will look for this….need to see more of Terril

  10. Confusing One | May 4th, 2015

    Alright. So it came out a few days ago and I just began to watch it. No character has spoken yet but in the 57 seconds, the first character/actor starts watching a Beyonce concert. Beyonce really? I stopped watching immediately.

    Am I being too harsh?

    • Ocky Williams | May 4th, 2015

      I couldn’t find the link on youtube. Has the name changed or is it user error?

    • Ocky Williams | May 4th, 2015

      That look you get when you just finished watching a black gay web series


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