WATCH: Trailer For New 80s Urban Crime Film From Director of “About Him”

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The Products of the American Ghetto First Look Trailer-3

Writer/Director of the hit soft-core porn web series “About Him,” Henderson Maddox, just debuted his new feature film “The Products of the American Ghetto” at the 2016 Bronzelens Film Festival in Atlanta.The LGBT director is slowly positioning himself to have a foothold in the low-budget Indie Black Cinema scene.

The feature stars Darrin Dewitt Henson (Stomp The Yard, Soul Food TV series), Robin Givens (Boomerang, Mike Tyson’s abused ex-wife), Comedian Rodney Perry, Momma Dee (Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta), Rapper Yung Joc, Tobias Truvillion (Empire), Keith Robinson (Dreamgirls) and newcomer Coletrane Williams (The Birth of a Nation).

The film marks Maddox’s return to non-gay content following his feature film debut, ““Five Days in the ‘A’.”


This story depicts the life of a young boy, Brian, who wants out but the only images of success that he see’s are the drug dealers around him. Yes he knows about doctors and lawyers, however where he is from he is taught that those are not options that are easily attainable. He’s told by teachers that he can’t go to college, He’s told my adults that,“where you are is where you will be and its your place.” Brian results to joining the drug game to stop his mom from selling her body to take care of him and his siblings. Through this story we see exactly how the kids in these environments get lured into the drug game and how they see it as their only way out.


Not for nothing, the film’s supporting cast also features the usual black male eye candy we’ve come to expect from Henderson Maddox:












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The Products of the American Ghetto First Look Trailer-1

The Products of the American Ghetto First Look Trailer-2

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The Products of the American Ghetto First Look Trailer-9





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