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Lead actor Brandon Karson of the popular soft core porn web series, About Him, has announced that he will no longer appear on the show.

In a post on Facebook today, Karson stated, “On this day, I have made the executive decision to no longer work with Signal 23 Television [the production company that produces and distributes About Him].”

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He went on to say, “After being used and then blindsided by a sudden change in casting, I finally realized who these people really were. I was not forewarned of the change, and I have YET to hear from the producers that I have in fact been replaced.”

Replaced? Based on that, this sounds like he didn’t actually quit the show, he had already been fired without notice.


We don’t have details on how much Karson was paid to star in About Him. Or if he was even paid at all. We just know that this show made him, and others, black gaylebrities to a subsection of the LGBT community.

For those not in the know, About Him is a black gay web series on YouTube and Vimeo that became a hit (compared to other black gay web series).

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After reviewing a couple episodes of this show, I slacked off once I saw the series was leaning heavily into the soft core porn territory. The series aired “Uncensored” episodes for subscribers where fully erect twink penises and gay sexual acts are seen in all their HD glory.


So unfortunately, I haven’t kept up with the details of Signal 23 TV or its’ producers so all I can do is speculate on what Brandon Karson is alluding to in this posting.

Maybe he wasn’t getting paid and started complaining, so they replaced him.

Signal 23 TV’s subsequent LGBT shows now have 30-40% Uncensored Soft Core Porn scenes in each episode. So maybe they are putting pressure on their actors to do more on screen. Sexual things that Karson may have resisted or was reluctant to do. So maybe they replaced him with a more willing participant.

The business move of 2017 for Signal 23 TV may be to recast the show with porn actors and strippers.

Their newest show, Climax, starring porn star Arquez (aka Walter Burch), debuted last month and is already their highest grossing show after one episode.


I had been planning for a while to approach the actors and/or producers of the series for an interview, maybe we’ll get some answers then.

Regardless, I will soon be recapping/reviewing the entire series for Cypher Avenue, as well as many other shows and films that I missed highlighting over the last year.

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