Fresh off of the critically derided final season of The Boondocks (a season the creator reportedly had nothing to do with), Adult Swim has released the trailer for Aaron McGruder’s newest show “Black Jesus.”

The live action show stars Charlie Murphy, John Witherspoon, Andrew Bachelor and Kaldrick King actor himself, Andra Fuller. Can we just take a brief moment of silence for Kaldrick King…and appreciate just how handsome Mr. Fuller looks on camera?


The series depicts what happens when JESUS returns as a black man wearing a weave living in a Compton, CA neighborhood.

It’s no secret that I wasn’t a huge fan of The Boondocks or Black Comedy in general. Considering how homophobic Aaron McGruder and many of the comedians attached to this show have been in the past, I’d be curious to see how “Black Jesus” reacts to the obligatory down-low black gay character that I’m sure McGruder will depict (stereotypes and all).


Outside of that speculation, the series looks really corny, albeit original. I’d be surprised if this does well considering how sensitive black audiences are to jokes about Christianity and the black church.

Again, I’m not a big fan of this “chitlin’ circuit” type of cooning black comedy, so I may be a little biased. Turns out Spike Lee Was Right.

The series premieres August 7th, 2014.

What are your views of the trailer?