Here are the hottest, most interesting trailers (for movies, television shows or anything else) that we saw this week.

1. Robocop (Film)

 First of all, Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson are in this movie. How sweet is that? Second of all, its Robocop! That’s about where the good ends for me. Who’s idea was it to dig up Michael Keaton? And Alex Murphy is a victim of a car explosion? What?! The way the character injured in the original Robocop is a classic scene, how do you not re-create that in the remake? Granted its just the first trailer but I have no idea what the new story is based on this. Not too thrilled about this one.

 2. Medino Green Feat. Eso – The Return (Music Release)

Young Medino Green is an on-the-rise openly Gay hip hop music artist based out of New York City. We’ve known about him since he first appeared on the scene a few years ago but he wasn’t actually gay back then. Basically, he came onto the scene as a “gay friendly” straight artist that eventually would reveal to his fans, friends and family that he was, in fact, very gay the entire time. It was actually interesting to see him become more comfortable with his sexuality right before our eyes. Not only because it was a transformation that many of us could relate to, but also because he’s a pretty dope lyricist and musician.

After releasing a mixtape in 2011 (and then completely changing his identity in an unusual way), he’s back as Medino Green and working on a new project. Judging by this trailer, looks like we’ll be talking about the artist a lot on Cypher Avenue in the coming months.

 3. Generation Iron (Documentary)

 My first reaction: GROSS! No matter how “normal” these guys claim to be, they are freaks. True it takes are lot of hard work and dedication to reach the freak-show appearance they have achieved. But come on. This film is from the makers of the Pumping Iron documentary, a film I actually liked. The men in that film, although still obsessive, seemed more statuesque. The men in this trailer all look like stubby real-life versions of The Thing from Fantastic Four.

 4. Almost Human (Television Series)

 Michael Ealy! I met the blue-eyed actor once through work and he was a pretty decent guy. He was very drunk at the time, but he was still a decent guy. Having said that, I’m a fan. Its good to see him still working because he’s a really good actor. As for this trailer. Let’s just say that I don’t think it will make it past one season. The show looks like it will be too expensive to maintain quality over an enitre season.

Also, this whole idea is generic and has been done MANY times before. If you’re half of the science fiction fan that I am, you’ll be able to guess what stories will pop-up in the first season: The robot slowly developing emotions, The cynic learning to trust the robots and fight for their rights, A woman falling in love with the robot thus experimenting with his emotions more, blah blah blah.

Michael Ealy’s short self still looking good though, guess that’s all that really matters.

 5. The Counselor (Film)

WHAAATTTT!!!!! Cormac McCarthy, Ridley Scott, Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz?! I’m there! This joint looks DOOOPE! No need to say any more. I’m sold! Lehgo!