My face wrinkles as I watch the video.  My eyes squint.  What did he just say? HUH? What the fuck is going on? I’m confused.

Can I figure out why?

Okay…so if these young boys were rapping about having sex and oral sex with girls would I have an issue? Yes, but this catches me off guard because this is new uncharted territory.  Young boys explicitly rapping about sucking dick…with pride and bravado!


Okay, I was 14, 15 years old.  I remember the things I did and the things I said.  Understand I am relating.  The difference was it was not videotaped for my family and community to view it.  Yes times have changed and we are more technologically advanced, so I am not tripping that the video is online for the entire world to see or that it comes from WorldStar Hip Hop who seems like it’s sole purpose for existing is to glorify black folks in all our fuckery.

What is captivating about this vider is that seemingly all the young boys are masculine in appearance, most likely street savvy and are very vocal and proud about their fascination with sucking dick.  So much so that they freestyle about it or at least remember some past written rhyme. Nothing about them says stereotypically gay.  This is a good thing right?

It is almost as if they don’t know what they are rapping about but just repeating some strange lyric from an old “Lil Kim” song.  However at the end the of the rap…comes the hook, “We Started From the Dick Now We Here”!

I have heard tales from men my age (mid thirties) of kats they went to high school with who were all engaging in group homosexual activities behind closed doors at sleep-overs and after school. So for me it is not farfetched to ponder if these young boys have or are sexually experimenting with each other.  I feel happy the tide is changing and that homosexuality or sexuality in general in the black community is becoming less taboo.  It’s nothing wrong with being true to oneself and walking in your truth, regardless of your age.

Maybe this is not a big deal.  I definitely knew at 14 or 15 yrs of age that I had an attraction to boys my age and the men in the porn movies I was viewing.  So I get it…but this shit here!?

Am I making a big deal out of this?  I hope there is someone in these young boys’ lives who not only can guide and inform them about sex (and its consequences) but also advise them that it is not a good idea to expose yourself in this sexually explicit manner OR is it okay?  Hell regular straight rappers do it all the time so why can’t they?  Of course the hook from these young lads song is taken from the Drake song “Started from the bottom”, so you see the inspiration.

A part of me feels this video is some sort of parody or made as a joke or maybe it’s just my wishful thinking. Hell, maybe Frank Ocean will sign them to his label. I view myself as a very open and liberated when it comes to sexuality but why is this unsettling to me and why do I feel a hint of sadness?   Am I out of touch or too old fashioned?

Tell me how do you feel after watching this video?