Warning: Some of the below material is NSFW.

One of my past time activities is watching porn. It’s not just watching porn but also the act of searching for porn that I enjoy. Think of the search as the dating process while my eventual act of masturbation is sealing the deal. Some of the types of videos I view as ‘four play’ are categorized as exhibitionist and voyeuristic in nature. I like viewing men being naughty in bathroom stalls, at urinals, locker rooms, saunas and cruising spots. Being the proverbial ‘fly on the wall’ is part of the appeal. As with most things…sometimes dudes in these videos go too damn far with their exhibitionism. I recently came across two proud exhibitionists men that took me out of ‘four play’ mode, one more-so than the other.

Being a guy who is on the thicker side but has been in ‘in shape’ a couple of times throughout his life; I’m fully aware of the hard work and dedication it takes to not only get in shape but stay in shape while continuously attempting to improve one’s physique. For that I give nexgencrusher all the props in the world. I view him as an accomplished athlete concerning his boxing, grappling, wrestling and MMA skills. If I ever wanted or was looking for a boxing / MMA trainer, I would absolutely hire him….but let’s refocus here. The first time I came across his vids was on Pornhub. Him doing duck lips in certain pics and vids aside, I find his ass- hypnotizing and his athleticism attractive. After viewing some of his additional videos and pics on other platforms, I found some of his behavior questionable. I’m cool with exhibitionism but for me it has a time and place.

What I viewed reinforced for me that many Instagram fitness models (and IG culture) literally have no shame in regards to their quest for attention and likes. I find a lot of IG model’s videos are basically soft core porn that some are attempting to pass off as “fitness-workout motivation”. Many of these dudes display next level peacocking. Just check out this vid from nexgencrusher for example.

Think about it; are you looking at this dude’s workouts or are you distracted by his penis and ass? If you view the abundance of pics and videos nexgencrusher has online you can clearly see through his spandex meggins as he free balls. At times he’s flaccid but other times he’s semi-erect or completely erect. My judgmental ‘side-eyes’ come into play because dude clearly has an erect penis in the gym (in public) with other patrons around like it’s not an issue. Where is the sense of couth? Obviously for him he wants you to view all his assets because he craves that attention. Maybe its the reason why this continues to happen on his IG account.

His thoughts and reaction, “Haters are fans too”. Perhaps but this is about you posting pics and vids on IG with a proud hard dick in public spaces with people around? What I can’t do (as others have) is accuse the dude of wearing a strap-on. I respect penises big or small and my personal unorthodox bro-code will not allow me to criticize another man’s penis. Viewing his soft core porn Twitter account, I feel it’s only a matter of time before he ends up doing solo jack off vids on an ‘Only Fans’ page. I’ll wait for those vids when they’re uploaded to PornHub. Regardless, here are a couple of his “motivational” NSFW pics I used for research (cough) from nexgencrusher below.

Now that you’ve viewed those…these are the types of antics that inspire salacious attention seeking gay dudes to do bullshit like come to your local gym and workout in boxer briefs as if that’s appropriate gym attire. Speaking of having zero decency, what we just viewed is tame compared to vids I came across on Pornhub by Duriel Hines.

This dude is crazy and I see him as a sexual deviant that’s pushing the limits until he gets arrested by law enforcement. His bold careless acts are Folsom Street level nastiness that’s being performed in stores and in locker rooms. In a one vid, he brazenly inserts a dildo in himself while masturbating in front of other dudes like it’s a part of normal locker room conduct. With the Walmart video alone I’m thinking, “how has this dude not been arrested”? The locker room vids would be excusable in a bath house but not at your local gym. Yes I know there is an audience for this but WHAT IN THE ENTIRE FUCK dude? At least with nexgen, there is some value and mass sex appeal which is evident with the word count I spent on him in this post. This kat here to me is just gross and perpetuating a stereotype about non-heterosexual men. While I’m not going to post direct links, just search for Duriel Hines on the Pornhub site to see his grossness.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the crazy KSUhurdler videos from years ago. His main claim to fame was the one vid with him masturbating in broad daylight at the entrance of the Cleveland Galleria Mall.

His vids gained more attention after a conservative gay blogger saw the videos and called for KSUhurdler’s arrest. It was later discovered that KSUhurdler is IFBB Pro bodybuilder Michael Anderson. The blogger was successful in getting the vids removed from XTube.

Exhibitionists can face real world consequences while living out their fantasies. While I proudly embrace my exhibitionist and voyeuristic tendencies, I think there should be limits. Using the examples above think about it like this; the next time you’re at the gym would you want to work out near or spot a dude on the bench press that is proudly rockin a hard dick while he’s wearing spandex? Or would you want to wash your hands after pissing next to a dude masturbating while massaging his asshole? On second thought some of you just might.