In this podcast Ocky Williams discusses the mind set of Male Queer Feminists and their seemingly aversion to discussing and championing male issues; such as:

• Male Homelessness
• Male Rape
• Domestic Violence inflected upon males
• Male Suicides
• A multi-tiered justice system that negatively impacts men
• An un-emphatic view of young male victims within drug trafficking

…But back to Ocky’s question; Why Do Male Queer Feminists Reject Male Specific Issues? Possible answer:

As the marriage between gay men and feminism continues, it seems like the gay man’s quest to becoming a better Gay or Queer man, is to be a man who thinks, feels and self identifies as; “I am a Queer man. I am a Feminist….FULL STOP!”

Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to share your thoughts on this podcasts.

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