I know when most people think of “Reality TV” they think of the scripted drama and messiness of the “Housewives” shows, but for me real “Reality TV” are wildlife documentaries.  These documentaries display real moments of birth, life and death.  Check out the below photos and videos in this segment of “YES, This Happened In The World: Animal Edition

First up we have rare photos of a Golden Eagle attacking a deer in remote Siberia. The images were captured on camera traps used to study the elusive Siberian Tiger.  Instead what was capture was a Golden Eagle digging it’s talons in the back of a deer which it later killed.  Golden Eagles can obtain a wingspan of about six and half feet.  It’s kind of strange viewing a bird killing such a large animal. The second image has been enhance for more detail.

Next up we have video of the Sarcastic Frindgehead.  These aggressive fish have a mouth and jaws reminisce of the “Predator” and can grow to about a foot long.  Their large mouths are used to establish dominance and territory when fighting.  After spawning, the males will guard the eggs of the female. 

Finally we have awesome footage from National Geographic.  Here they capture a jaguar stalking and killing a caiman in Brazil.  The jaguar with perfect stalking technique (in water) bites the caiman right behind the head, immobilizing it. Great footage.

Damn nature; You scary!