I hadn’t watched a BMX racing event or an X Games in years. Honestly, while the sport embraces hip hop, alternative culture, I hadn’t seen to many dudes that look like me. That ended this week when I stepped onto an elliptical machine at the gym. Playing on the screen was World of X Games: Real BMX 2019 and I was introduced to Brad Simms

I heard a bit of Simms’ testimony but also got a chance to witness his BMX mastery. The stunts and moves dude pulls off is mesmerizing. Its obvious Simms has been around for a minute so I thought it was unfortunate that I hadn’t seen him featured on any sites or outlets that cater to Black culture. Due to this I felt it was my duty to feature him here; mainly because I felt his grit and determination is empowering.

Simms is currently a nominee for Street Rider and Video Part of the year, a Kia World Extreme silver medalist and the 2018 Real BMX bronze medalist and Fan Favorite. Check out the series of featurettes below (1st one is a must watch) and I hope his athleticism captivates you as it did me. Major props also go out to Christian Rigal as well who did an excellent job capturing Simms feats.