Handsome 22-year-old University of Massachusetts basketball player Derrick Gordon made headlines recently when he revealed that he was the first openly gay active Division I NCAA player.

Buzz in our comments section quickly shifted from congratulatory shouts to speculation on when it would be revealed that he had a Caucasian boyfriend.

Turns out, Derrick was (predictably) invited to the recent 2014 GLAAD Media Awards and he teased who his date would be on his Instagram account.


Out of all the types of men I would have imagined Derrick would be dating, the man he posed on the Red Carpet with was the last type I would have come up with…but I’m actually not really surprised.




So as you can see, 22 year-old Derrick Gordon is dating 47 year-old actor Gerald McCollough (CSI: Las Vegas, Hustling web series). For those of you not familiar with the actor, here are a clips from the web series BearCity:

Initially, I was just going to post the photos and keep it moving, not comment on them one way or the other. But this is Nick Delmacy we’re talking about…and I’m writing on a blog. Why wouldn’t I give an opinion?

I have three points to touch on: My lack of surprise, the Age difference and the interracial component.



Once I saw the ESPN interview where Derrick Gordon said he really looking forward to seeing Gay Rainbow Flags waved at his games, I knew that he was seriously into white openly gay men. Just being honest, most black gay men don’t identify with the white gay scene, which includes GLAAD and the typical gay pride imagery.

We love being gay and we love all gay people, but many of us don’t feel that the rainbow flag reps us…Derrick Gordon, on the other hand:


This is not meant as an insult against white gay men or even Derrick Gordon and his boyfriend. It’s just a reality that I’ve observed in my 30+ years of life.

There were other signs as well.

The mere fact that Gordon came out in the first place let me know that he was likely close friends with or dating openly gay white men. Its more likely than not that if Gordon primarily had black gay friends or a black gay boyfriend, he would have either waited longer to come out or he would have not come out at all.

It’s not hard for me to believe that white gay activists helped to give him the courage to take the dive, especially if he were dating one….even more especially if he wanted to be able to be seen with his older white openly gay boyfriend in public without rumors and whispers.

Contrast Derrick Gordon with Frank Ocean, who wants no parts of the white gay establishment. I would be mind blown if it were revealed that the dude that FO fell in love with from the Tumblr Letter was a old gay white man….I’d be mind blown if FO even was seen with a Rainbow Flag or at a Gay Pride event.



I’ve pretty much only dated men younger than me my entire life. I don’t know how to date an older man, so this is a tricky area for me. When I’ve dated younger, I’ve pretty much kept it between 10-12 years younger tops. In this case, Derrick Gordon is 25 years younger than Gerald McCullough.

Love is Love, right?

Okay, real talk, that is extreme. I couldn’t imagine dating a mature 18 year old. That would be 19 years my junior. Hell, I couldn’t even imagine dating a mature 24 year old….for anything other than sex.

That brings me to why I’m okay with this pairing.

The sex is probably great for both of them.

And Derrick Gordon is likely learning a lot from Gerald McCullough, not only sexually but also about romance, finances, career, etc. I don’t look at this couple and see a long term relationship. I see it as one where the two of them are having a good time and enjoying each other’s company.

Which is totally fine.



While we believe that “love is love”, we’ve touched on the issue of Black Gay Men and Interracial Relationships before. I have no problem with interracial gay relationships, especially in the media.

If you cringe or even raise an eyebrow when you see interracial gay couples, this is a reaction to your own insecurities.

You might as well be a racist saying, “Stick with your own kind!”

Who cares.

In the above photos, the men look happy. That’s all that matters.

It’s not their responsibility to ONLY date within their race just to be an example for you! Be your own inspiration!

I see the above photo and say, if old ass Gerald McCullough can pull a young, attractive, tattooed, masculine, black gay (current or former) athlete then there’s no stopping me!

Go buy yourself some self esteem.

You could say, “But Nick, why are all the black gay celebs dating white men? What’s wrong with black gay love?”

There’s nothing wrong with it. Those black gay couples do exist, most people are just choosing to ignore them.

This goes back to the beef I had with gay fans of Frank Ocean. Why were they focusing so much time on him when there were black openly gay entertainers and athletes who actually wanted to be representatives but were being ignored?

Also, remember that black gay athletes and entertainers coming out publicly is still a fairly new and rare thing.

Under Cypher Avenue (and Discreet City) we’ve only had 3 or 4 major coming outs in the nearly three years that we’ve been blogging and reporting the gay news.

So the handful of black gay men who have been rocketed to the forefront have a thing for white men…who cares!

There are tons of other black gay couple examples out there. From web series to TV Shows to Feature Films to Black Gaylebrities, we’ve highlighted TONS of examples of what black gay love is and could be…

Have we ALREADY forgotten about Kordell and Kaleb?!


If you need more examples than that, you’re pathetic…and likely a Caucasian hating racist. Real talk.


So that’s my take on it all. We’re the leading, most visited gay website for opinions from black gay men on gay issues. So for all those who were expecting us to be disappointed in Derrick Gordon’s dating choices or that the few  prominent black gay men in the media have had Caucasian boyfriends, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Admittedly though, If I were a 19-24 year old black gay man attending the University of Massachusetts, I might be a little disappointed that Derrick Gordon’s “type” is far from what I am or look like…But I’d quickly just turn my romantic interests elsewhere and still applaud the young boy for living his life to the fullest with no regrets.


What are your thoughts and opinions? (NOTE: Please refrain from using offensive racist or ageist terms in your comments (ie: Snow Queen), I will delete the shits in a heartbeat, no matter how long and articulate they are. This is not that type of website.)